Interview with Founder of Lucky People International

One of the best things about Instagram is discovering new brands and companies from around the world. We recently stumbled across a brand called Lucky People International which originally caught our eye due to the name (quite catchy), and the beautiful images of artisan products.

We were able to chat with founder Sergio Reyes about why he started Lucky People International and how the business originally came to life.  

As a filmmaker by profession, Sergio couldn't help but admire the art, narrative, and uniqueness in the places that he would visit. 

One thing he realized while visiting various countries such as Colombia and Argentina was that there was a lot of isolated creativity.  There were plenty of unique creations without a real audience.

As an artist himself, Sergio was personally impacted by this problem, which was how the brand originally came about.

Despite Sergio's current work in many huge commercial areas such as film, photography and graphic design, he chose to dedicate himself to this project and apply his many skills to help promote these local artisans.  

With the help of a small but mighty team, Sergio is slowly paving the way for designers and artisans from the smallest towns across the globe.  

But the idea of Lucky People International as it is today officially started to cook in his mind after spending almost a year in New York in different neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  

Here he was able to witness at first hand a burst of creativity everywhere he looked, from people from all around the world trying to make a living from what they truly love.

After NY, he flew to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he began to go to artisans fairs and visit different regions in the country to buy the most beautiful items he could find.

During this journey, he made the decision to focus at first in third world countries and isolated towns or communities, but eventually will integrate more first-world urban items made from artists whom he hugely admires as well.

Read on to learn more about Sergio and Lucky People International.

Where are you based? 

I am based wherever Lucky People International takes me, right now, I am managing things from Colombia, in a couple of months, it seems like it will be Mexico. 

When did Lucky People International start? How long have you been around? 

It started actively around a year ago, when I traveled to Argentina where I began contacting and buying crafts from artisans. The web started functioning around february and Instagram 4 months ago approximately. The reception on Instagram has been outstanding so far, we are grateful with the community that follows us. Since we are new, we are still working on driving sales, but we can see a bright future and a great niche market gap to fill. 

Where are the majority of your products from?

Right now, from Argentina and starting to include products from Colombia. Actually, we are traveling Colombia meeting great people and beautiful crafts that you can only dream of. Really, Colombia is a country full of color and passionate people. 

Who is the Lucky People International customer? 

The Lucky People International customer is someone who wants to stand out wearing exotic items brought from remote places, or to surprise someone with an unexpected, rare and beautiful gift. Is someone who cares for preserving ethnic traditions or help communities and independent artisans to keep having their way of life.

Where is your favorite travel destination?

It's difficult to say, Argentina has stunning landscapes, huge mountains, and high views, it's really jaw-dropping. Colombia has a lot of green and some magnificent beaches, there's color all around. I wouldn't say I have a favorite destination but looking forward to visiting some Asian and African regions. 

Where do you want to travel next and what products do you hope to find?

It would be Mexico. We are very interested in finding unique objects that represent their culture and traditions, such as the  day of deads skulls, their famous 'Alebrijes', their multicolored embroidery of flowers and animals, their Talavera art in ceramics and their handmade masks. I know we will find a lot of interesting personalities and artisans to talk about on the web and Instagram. And of course, looking forward to taking some wonderful pictures.