A Day in the Life of The Cherry Chapter, Sonia Kessler

We recently discovered Sonia from the Cherry Chapter via Instagram as an up and coming
V-logger from Paris, France. Unlike the U.S., fashion blogging and vlogging (video blogging) is still not as prevalent yet despite Paris' fashion capital status in the world. 

Regardless of this mentality, Sonia and her gorgeous vibrant red hair, are pressing onward to establish herself as the boho-chic blogger and stylist that she is. 

As a full-time account manager, Sonia has to juggle her time during the weekend with building her blog and shooting her youtube videos. 

We can't help but admire hard working individuals like Sonia, who continue to go for what they want, one Instagram post or You Tube video at at time. 

Read on to learn more about Sonia and her daily blogging schedule. 

fashion blogging daily schedule

Name: Sonia Besnainou
Blog name: The Cherry Chapter
Hometown: Paris, France
Current location: Paris, France
What is the focus of your blog?:
Fashion styling, personal style, and hairstyle inspiration
Years blogging: a year and a half
Is this your full-time job? 
Not a full-time job, no. It was my main full-time well as being a personal stylist until March, but I have a MAJOR life change coming up in the next couple of months and had to take on a full-time job. I currently work as an Account Manager for a web marketing firm; which is also super interesting and rewarding since I get to deal with affiliate marketing a lot! But I am definitely planning on going back to my old routine!

As a stylist, I worked on photo shoots, during Paris Fashion Week, for private clients…and I miss it a lot! It just wasn’t reliable enough as an income for me right now.  I’m glad I have the weekends to blog though! 
How long did it take you to build your following? 
I would say that’s always an ongoing thing but it has definitely improved in the last few months, especially on Instagram I’m noticing a real growth so let’s hope it will continue this way. I love it because I feel like everyone is so supportive of each other and that’s exactly what bloggers need!

How did you come up with the idea for your blog and what made you want to start blogging? The idea came from both myself and others.  I really liked reading fashion blogs and looking at tons of Instagram hairstyles or YouTube videos. I wanted to be on YouTube more at the beginning actually. And then I kept meeting people at events or even on the streets telling me they loved my style or my hair and thought “Maybe I should try it out! If I combine my fashion knowledge with my personal style, it could be fun and people might be interested!” Every day I have more and more ideas for the future of the blog, it’s so much fun and I have learned so much since I’ve started! 
What's the best thing about blogging? 
Doing what I love and whatever I want with it - total creative freedom and, of course, meeting super interesting people all the time! Oh and I almost forgot: learning. There is something new to learn every day when you blog, it’s amazing!
What's the worst thing about blogging? 
There's not really a downside to blogging, more of a problem that I have which is staying consistent! My blog and YouTube channel kind of follow my life and sometimes I have a lot of inspiration and/or time for new content, sometimes I’m super busy or have writer’s block. I know it’s definitely something I need to improve on!
What piece of advice would you give to new bloggers?

Well, to organize your time well since being consistent is harder than it looks! And network, a.LOT! As well as being important, it’s really fun, you will make like-minded friends and will be able to support each other. 
Dream brand to work with? 
Many brands like Free People, American Apparel, Wildfox… and if Vivienne Westwood did collabs with bloggers, that would be the absolute dream.
Biggest accomplishment so far as a blogger? 
Somehow, even if my blog is not big, I have random people I meet telling me they’ve seen or read my blog before. I am still shocked as to how that’s possible haha! 
What are you working on next, or excited for? 
I have 2-3 major life events coming up in the next few months that are definitely going to change my blog too! I am oh so very excited and will be talking about it very soon, so stay tuned...
How would you describe the fashion/style of the country/city you live in?
What do people think about fashion and fashion blogging in your opinion?

Well, I feel like the first part of this question was written for Paris!! People in Paris tend to really pay attention to what they’re wearing but without really making an effort, it seems more like a natural thing and it definitely had an influence on me when I first got into fashion. A lot of people stay on the “classic” side of things though, wear a lot of basics and neutrals, especially black, but they are generally dressed pretty well!
That being said, people who are not in the fashion industry don’t care much about fashion; and to the people who are, it’s a very small bubble, hard to get in but where everyone knows each other.
Now, fashion blogging is a whole different story. It’s still very new in France, I think there are those clichés about bloggers, it can be seen as the black sheep of the fashion industry, and it is very rare to see French brands paying bloggers for anything for example. It’s very different from other countries for that I think, especially the US!

Favorite look of the moment 😍😍😍🙈😎

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Since I currently have a full-time M-F job with 4 hours of commute a day, it is sooo hard for me to do anything related to blogging during the week. The only thing I really try to do is brainstorm new ideas for posts, photos, videos… I do the rest on the weekends so they are pretty packed with blog stuff! Here’s a typical Saturday of mine:
I usually wake up around 9 and answer any emails/comments/messages I’ve accumulated in the past couple of days. Sometimes I also do some yoga!
I cook and eat breakfast. I know, it seems like it takes a really long time – and it does! Breakfast is VERY important to me (I know, that’s a super French thing to say). Whenever I can, I also try to cook different things like French toasts, banana pancakes…or if I’m in too much of a hurry, I can always take a trip to the bakery nearby! And I try to relax while watching an episode or two of my favorite shows!
I pretty much 1-try to figure out if want to take photos, write blog posts, shoot a video, make a DIY… 2-get ready accordingly and 3-spend a little time with my family and have a quick lunch (sometimes) 
2pm-6 or 7pm: 
Depending on what I decided to do, I could be going shopping for DIYs, doing pulls, rehearsing and shooting one or multiple videos, writing one or several blog posts, taking pictures (especially later in the afternoon), editing pictures, posting/scheduling posts on/for social media….literally everything there is about blogging haha
I watch another show or 2 (hey, it’s the weekend after all!) and I always use that time to select, edit and schedule my Instagram posts for the upcoming week. I’m absolutely obsessed with Instagram so that is THE one thing I’m super consistent about haha
Any time after that: relax, eat dinner and get ready for bed!

…ok so that’s a Saturday packed with blog-related things…but the truth is, I also spend a lot of weekends hanging out with friends in the afternoon, going out to dinner or to a party at night. When I do, I still try to do some extra work the weekend before or after if I have time to plan it ;-)

Sonia Besnainou
Blog: http://www.cherrychapter.com

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