A Day in the Life of Lisa Linh

a day in the life of lisa linh

Have you ever wanted to become a full-time  blogger? Today we have the pleasure of taking a small peek into the life of fashion and lifestyle blogger Lisa Linh of By Lisa Linh.  Lisa has been blogging for just about two years, and she recently had her first full-time blogger anniversary!

Lisa just wrote an awesome blog post about what it was like to actually quit her full-time job a year ago in order to pursue blogging full-time. She gives some amazing advice to new bloggers and what you can do to stand out in the sea of bloggers. Read more about it here

how lisa linh became a full-time blogger

Lisa talks about working in the corporate world for over ten years and then finally leaving her last position as a men's wear marketer.  She goes into more detail about how making the leap into full-time blogging has been such an amazing experience that she does not regret one bit. If she had not quit her job, she wouldn't have been able to participate in amazing opportunities such as taking a 7-day cruise in the Carribean, working with brands such as Rebecca Minkoff, or attend huge events such as Coachella and New York Fashion Week! 

It's always so inspiring to hear these stories of women taking their careers to the next level and becoming an entrepreneur. That's essentially what fashion blogging is, even if you don't realize it from the get go. If you treat it like a business and continue to push the need each and every day you will see results. Cheers to Lisa for accomplishing the great goal of quitting her job and being an inspiration! 

Read on to learn more about our Q & A with Lisa, and also a peak into her daily and busy life a blogger. 

lisa linh shares blogging advice for new bloggers

Name: Lisa Linh
Blog Name: www.ByLisaLinh.com
Instagram: instagram.com/bylisalinh/
Twitter: twitter.com/bylisalinh
Facebook: facebook.com/bylisalinh/

Years blogging: 2 years
Is this your full-time job? If not, how do you pay the bills? Yes

What is the focus of your blog:
(Personal) style, food (restaurants), lifestyle (inspiration, how-to, blogging tips, and beauty), and travel

Best thing about blogging?
Being able to connect with bloggers alike/influencers who share the same passion, as well as working and meeting with brands on creative projects. However, the best thing about blogging is that I'm allowed the opportunity to encourage, inspire, and motivate someone that's reading/following. 

Worst thing about blogging?
It's all about numbers majority of the time; quantity over quality (for brands).

What piece of advice would you give to new bloggers?
Make sure you're doing it because you love it, otherwise you'll burn out quickly. It's not easy, but it's worth it if you truly love it.

fashion blogger lisa linh on quitting her job to become full time blogger

Dream brand to work with?
Chloe, Alice + Olivia, Zimmermann, Nike

Biggest Accomplishment as a blogger?
Being financially stable! Haha, no seriously, when you've reach a point where you're not stressing over when you're getting paid - that's the best feeling.

What are you working on next, or excited for?
I've been in collaboration with Adidas recently, working on some upcoming travel stories with Rebecca Minkoff and a few other selected brands, as well as focusing more on editorial stories that truly represent my brand. Expect videos, fun projects, and more creative direction on our photoshoots!

a day in the life of fashion blogger lisa linh

Lisa's Daily Schedule

Wake up, quickly scan emails on my iPhone and answer most urgent ones before getting up and doing my morning routine (brushing teeth, washing my face, etc)

Settling down at my computer, sometimes I order Starbucks via Postmates, while I write down my to-do list for the day. After writing out what needs to get done, I go through my emails and clean it up.

Depending on the tasks for the day, I'll either get ready for events/meetings or start editing photos/writing my blog post or finalize agreements/projects.

Typically out at events/meetings/errands and grabbing a snack/lunch.

I shoot blog content around Golden Hour, most of the time. During this timeframe, I'm scouting a location and planning how many outfits needs to get done for the day.

Dinner, back to answering emails, and working on blog content or photos.