A Day in the Life of Lucy Van Dean from Prague, Czech Republic

Welcome to our new weekly series called "A Day in the Life Of". As Global Garbs main goal is to highlight trends around the world we thought it would be interesting to take a peek into the daily lives of busy bloggers. 

czech fashion blogger lucy van dean

There's something about observing what a typical day of a blogger looks like whether they are blogging full-time or on the side that we find very intriguing.  

Our first featured blogger is Lucy Van Dean from Prague in the Czech Republic. 

In her short time of blogging for about a year, Lucy has built quite a fan base of over 20k followers between Instagram and Facebook alone!  

While she hopes to one day work with big brands like Dolce & Gabbana, she currently works as a financial consultant and stylist in addition to her daily posting. 

This girl is definitely quite the definition of a #girlboss and proves that anyone with a busy and active lifestyle can still find time to produce quality blogging content. 

Read on to see what the average day for Lucy looks like and some advice she has for new bloggers. 

Czech style  blogger Lucy Van Dean
A day in the life of fashion blogger lucy van dean

Name: Lucy Van Dean

Age: 31

Current City and Country:
Prague, Czech Republic (moving to Barcelona in May)

Blog Name: Lucy Van Dean

Years of Blogging: 1

Is this your Full-Time gig?

If NO, what do you do to pay the bills?
I work as a finance consultant

Best thing about blogging:
Being creative and meeting new people

Worst thing about blogging:
High amount of time investment required, but it’s rewarding.

Dream brand to work with:
Aesthetically my dream brand is D&G, however, my aim is to bring a positive contribution to my readers life

Best advice for new bloggers?:  
There are many blogs out there doing a great job but don’t be discouraged just do your thing but make sure you have great photos and be persistent. Always try to put the best content out there. My days look quite different depending if it’s a work day, Monday to Friday, or a weekend.

7:00 am

Alarm clock rings and I would like to snooze but my puppy has been waiting for me to wake up for a while already and as soon as the alarm goes off she’ll start jumping on my bed requesting attention. It’s a nice way to wake up, no complaints.

Half asleep I pull on some jeans and a tee and head outside for a morning walk with my puppy. I stop by the fresh juice bar downstairs to buy a big coffee and breakfast, usually a big smoothie or yogurt with fruit while my puppy enjoys more attention from everyone working there.

a day in the life of fashion blogger lucy van dean

7:30 am

Head back upstairs (I live in an apartment building) to eat my breakfast while managing my Instagram and blog comments, replying to questions, checking analytics or editing pictures for social media. This usually takes around 45 minutes, mostly because I like to take my time with breakfast and really enjoy it.

9:00 am

After showering, putting on makeup and some business appropriate clothes I’m ready to leave my place and go to the office. Around 9:30 I’m in front of my work laptop and what follows are roughly 8 hours of Power Point presentations, Excel tables, calls, and meetings.

6:00 pm

Heading home to take the dog out for a walk and start my second job, meaning work on my blog. My evening routine revolves around selecting pictures, editing them, writing blog posts. I take an hour pause from blogging to prepare fresh dinner and eat all while watching some funny series. Good food is extremely important to me and whenever I’m not out for dinner I take the time to cook at home.

On the days when I’m not working on a new blog post I go to the gym, usually for a Body Pump class, eat dinner out and edit pictures as a side gig once back home.


a day in the life of fashion blogger lucy van dean

After spending several hours creating the very best blog post and posting on my social media channels is time to prepare for bed. Around 12:30 am I’m already dreaming something that for sure I won’t remember next day.


My weekends are spent taking outfit pictures, going from coffee place to coffee place trying to plan future projects and travels while sipping several coffees (I’m a bit of an addict), eating out, meeting friends, maybe going to a theater play in English or going to the cinema.

Am I a full-time blogger? No. Do I work hard on my blog? Absolutely. Trying to make the best from my time. I have long given up the idea that fashion bloggers have fabulous lives. So if you are just considering blogging make sure you do it for the right reasons and not just the glitz and glamour. It’s worth the time and effort invested because it’s so much fun to be creative and the best reward is the positives feedback and comments you’ll receive from your readers. That is why I think meeting new people, even if only online, is the best part of being a blogger.

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