East Coast VS West Coast Style - NYC/lA

When it comes to the East Coast vs West Coast fashion, there's always been this unsaid stigma of who has a better sense of style. Although both the east coast and west coast are so large, we are going to focus on two cities that are often compared to each other...New York City vs Los Angeles.

New York City has always been known as the fashion capital of the world, but Los Angeles has been on the radar for quite some time. The city was even ranked no 4 according to the Language Monitor, who puts out a ranking each year of the top fashion capitals of the world. Yes, the city of Angels has slowly but surely made a name for itself in the fashion industry. From top fashion bloggers such as Aimee Song from Song of Style or Emily Schuman from Cupcakes and Cashmere , Los Angeles' sense of style has always been casual yet chic, and of course never with the necessity of a heavy coat.

We did a piece a few months ago on the differences in East Coast vs West Coast spring style, because obviously weather makes a huge impact of what styles are trending from coast to coast. Now that it's officially summer time, we thought we'd take another look at what's going on in LA vs NY.

LOS ANGELES Jenny Tsang from Tsangtastic 


Tsang, who is prominently featured on Lookbook as one of the top bloggers on their leader board is a Los Angeles based fashion blogger with a large following both on lookbook and instagram. With almost 50k followers she's slowly climbing the ranks as one of the top fashion bloggers from the west coast. Her style is simple yet sophisticated. Her taste is modern with a neutral color palate, while also throwing in a pop of cobalt blue or yellow here and there. She seems to gravitate more towards pastels and whites, especially based on her overall instagram gallery. 

She's definitely got the whole "less is more" thing going for her, which makes you wonder how bloggers always look so chic.  All of her outfits look effortlessly chic yet comfortable.  She has a relate-able style that will never make someone wonder "what was she thinking?". 

NEW YORK, NY Rachel Lynch from I Hate Blonde's

style is basically on the complete opposite end of the style spectrum compared to Tsangtastic.  The main visual difference is that Rachel features more editorial type photos which are styled and shot in a much more conceptualized way as opposed to Tsang's street style images. Lynch's style is on the edgier side, with her combat platforms and lace, or pleated skirts with moto jackets. The two blogger's different styles illustrate the statement "to each his own".


One cannot say there is a clear winner in terms of style, which would always be a considered completely objective. The overall take away from observing the top two fashion bloggers on the Lookbook platform is that there could easily be someone located in NYC that dresses similar to Jenny Tsang, and there are many women who would relate more towards Rachel Lynch's style as well.

These two style blogger's comparison can be seen as the somewhat stereotypical view of what New Yorkers wear vs Angelenos. The vast majority of people associate NYC as being edgier, while Los Angeles is often viewed upon as more relaxed and casual. Either way, these two both know who they are as personal style mavens.

In today's world of style there are no boundaries. Everyone is connected, emulated and admired.